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We believe in building long lasting relationship with our clients. We are a customer focused consulting firm with the most innovative tool set to assist our clients combat today's dynamic business challenges.




Services Overview

Array Consultancy Services offers wide spectrum of services and solutions. Our in depth domain understanding and highly researched consulting framework enables our clients the flexibility to excel in the dynamic business environment. We have considerable expertise in the field of Business Consulting, Start Ups, Business Plans, Business & Market Research, Financial Planning and Technology Consulting.


Our services are aligned to the dynamic business landscape. Our in house research and learning helps us to constantly update ourselves with the ever changing business trends. We offer a competitive edge to our clients with our specialized services.


Array Consultancy Services believes in end to end vision of its clients goal. We not only strategize but also helps in organizing the process and implementing the best practices. Our complimentary business units enables us to be a one stop solution to all the challenges that our client faces. Our services are briefly described below:


Business Planning & Start Up Consulting
We have a highly experienced team in the field of Start Up Consulting. We have successfully helped numerous clients in collating their idea and then transforming it to add comprehensive value. We also have a efficient business planning framework which includes extensive market and industry research, detailed financial projections and professional pitch documentation. Read more


Management & Strategy Consulting
We have the right combination of intellect, analytical abilities, industry insights, process knowledge and adequate experience which enables us to work extensively with our clients in solving their complex business problems. Our Consulting service includes Strategy Consulting, Business Process Consulting, Change Management & Business Transformation, Planning & Outsourcing and Off shoring strategy. Our approach to consulting is data oriented hence we are able to provide custom solutions to an wide array of problem statements. Read More

Business & Market Research
Array Consultancy Services has excellent research framework to collect, measure and understand the business & market opportunities. Our customized research spreads across economic research, business research, market research, financial research and industry research. We also provide niche research applicable to start ups in drafting business or project plans. Read More


Financial Planning & Corporate Finance
Our Financial Planning services include financial research, projections and analysis. We also excel in financial reporting and benchmarking. Our corporate finance services includes start up valuation, equity dilution strategy, project finance and financial analysis that helps our clients with the power of advanced data driven decision making.


Technology Consulting & Implementation
Array Technology Services offers technical consulting in key IT implementation. Our expertise includes E-Commerce, Web Design, Web Technology, SEO, Interactive marketing, Graphics Design and Animation. We also provide IT Consulting in the field of Business Intelligence and Business Process Management. We also help our clients in managing their outsourced projects as transition managers. Read More